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Frédéric Bazille

The Digital Catalogue Raisonné

by Michel Schulman
© Musée d'Orsay, Paris

Studies of Animals. Horses ?

Dessin au crayon
Paris, Musée d'Orsay, France - Inv. RF 5260 folio 35 verso
Dernière mise à jour : 2022-02-26 11:51:55
Référence : MSb-177


Famille de l'artiste - Marc Bazille, frère de l'artiste, Montpellier - Don de Marc Bazille au musée du Louvre, 1921 - Musée d'Orsay [Conservé au département des Arts graphiques du musée du Louvre].


Montpellier, Paris, Washington, 2016-2017, repr. p. 264.


Marandel, Cat. exp. The Art Institute of Chicago, 1978, n° 59, repr. p. 219 - Schulman, 1995, folio 35 verso, repr. p. 278 - Hilaire, Jones, Perrin, Cat. exp. Montpellier, Paris, Washington, 2016-2017, repr. p. 264 - Schulman, Frédéric Bazille : Catalogue raisonné numérique, 2022, n° 177.

In a letter to his mother of November 21 or 22, 1862, Bazille wrote: "On Wednesday I went with Edouard [Féline] to see Victor Féline and his wife at St. Germain. We went for a ride and had dinner together. I saw quantities of deer, fallow deer, roe deer and pheasants up close".

It seems to us today that this drawing is more devoted to horses.